Membership Benefits

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Members develop their skills and abilities by engaging in discussions and activities that enable them to learn more about their fields of expertise as well as other fields.


Members make contact with HSE professionals all over Ghana, in addition to Ghanaians practicing HSE outside Ghana. This enables resources to be shared, and provides potential job opportunities and career changes.

All Access (Seminars, Conferences and Workshops)

Members receive discounts and member rates for HSE seminars, conferences and workshops, better enabling them to attend for networking and professional development.


The mentorship program allows for experienced HSE Professionals to guide the less experienced members to develop professionally. The Mentors will provide free guidance and advice to assigned Mentees.

Academic Support:

When studying for an academic or professional qualification, such as the NEBOSH International Diploma in Safety and Health, members can gain support from other members who have done that qualification. Support includes past questions, advice and clarification of difficult concepts.


Technician members, Graduate Members, and Fellows can use the post-nominals TechGhiSEP, GradGhISEP and FGhISEP after their names to gain professional recognition.

Membership Certificates:

Members receive certificates of membership that greatly add value to their curriculum vitae and identify them as HSE Professionals.

Job Advertisement:

HSE job advertisement are frequently placed on GhISEP Platinum to enable those who are seeking jobs to apply. Several members have gained new jobs through this membership benefit.

Advertisement of Products and Services:

Members or organizations can gain access to advertise to a variety of industries through the HSE staff from various organizations that are members of GhISEP. Members often seek recommendations on various products such as Personal Protective Equipment, and services such as HSE training, and GhISEP members are recommended.

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