About Us

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Ghana Institute of Safety and Environmental Professionals (GhISEP) is the sole professional body for health, safety and environmental professionals and practitioners in Ghana. GhISEP believes in the philosophy of safe work in a sustainable environment and seeks to champion this through professional excellence.

The purpose of the Institute is to promote the advancement of the Occupational Health, Safety and the Environmental profession, enhance workplace safety and to foster the professional wellbeing and development of its members as well as provide support and encouragement to those responsible for managing and/or promoting workplace safety in Ghana.


Our Objectives

To develop and/or promote educational programs for individuals interested in obtaining the knowledge required to perform the functions of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental professional.

To promote greater interest in occupational health, safety and environmental issues by making the public and businesses world aware of the true value of safety and environmental protection.

To improve the standards and status of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental professions.

To instill in our members and prospective members the ideals of our honored profession and the need for members to present themselves in a professional manner at all times.

To foster liaison with local business and industry.

To act as a conduit in supplying professional and technical advice or assistance to government, organizations and business which may require our services.

To encourage greater professional and social cooperation and interaction among members of safety and allied fields and disciplines like quality and security.

To partner other recognized international bodies in the interest of advancing our course.

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