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Be Safe During This Festive Season

 Tuesday 11th September 2018     Source:


We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy new year 
Thank God for seeing us through the year 2017 and taking us into New Year 2018 with a lot of hope and aspirations. As we all know, Christmas is a joyous moment for both Christians and non-Christians as we mark the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a joy to the world in the Christian circles for the saviour is born. Christmas also marks the end of the year and ushering into the New Year, so many resolutions are made with most people hoping to improve on their previous achievements in the coming year. May the good Lord help us to accomplish more in the coming year to the glory of His name Amen.

During this festive season, many activities will be happening in various places. Increase in such activities demand some precautions to avert casualties and others from falling victims. Our joy must be complete and we must meet the New Year without any regret and sorrow.

Most people will visit friends and families at various places. This will definitely increase activities on our roads because we belong to the part of the world where road transportation is the major means of travelling. Our roads are going to be very busy and so our road users ( both drivers, motorists and pedestrians) must be very cautious. Every road user must ensure his personal safety and that of the other party when using the road.

Merry makers must know how to use the road. For pedestrians it is always advisable to face incoming cars when walking by the roadside and use the appropriate places designated for crossing anytime you want to cross the road. Never allow children alone to cross roads and ensure that the traffic light is indicating red, all cars have entirely stopped and visibility is clear before you cross the road. Also, use reflective clothing anytime you walk by the roadside in the dark.

To our drivers on the road, causes of road accidents are not new to us but for emphasis sake and a reminder to my dear readers let us go through them. The major cause of road accidents is indiscipline on the part of road users, drivers flouting traffic regulations (wrongful overtaking, over speeding, wrong parking etc) as well as pedestrians. Other causes include but not limited to lack of maintenance, fatigue driving, bad roads, corruption and drunkenness.

At the peak of this festive season, the predominant causes of road accident will be drunkenness and fatigue driving. Please Mr. Driver, no one prevents you from drinking but the rule is that “ if you drink, don’t drive and if you drive, don’t drink” so just abide by it. Another mistake some drivers make is fatigue driving. Papa driver, you cannot cheat nature, the moment you fell tiredness whiles driving, please stop and take a brief rest. Do not think you are in a hurry to get to your destination, to the commercial drivers please do not think about those passengers in the queue and continue to drive. Please do not challenge your system, if your dare you will get to your final destination ‘six feet’ prematurely. Experts say you have to take a rest after 2-3 hours continuous driving.

In this year’s celebration, let us resist the devil by taking the necessary precautions to avoid road accidents and stay alive. Let us refute that notion that Christmas and Easter seasons are earmarked for increase in road accidents. Yes your family, society and the nation as a whole needs you alive so be disciplined and drive responsibly.

I said we need everybody alive to see year 2018; let us do our best to enter into it safely. We must not compromise with our personal and home security issues. As a quick reminder, let us check these things as well.

Beware of potential fire outbreaks in our homes and take preventive measures against it. Always make sure all fire used for the various cooking is completely turned off before leaving your homes for programmes or going to bed. Do not overload electrical sockets, turn all electrical appliances off before going out or retiring to bed. Please do not leave fire in the care of children or unattended to. Take good care of your gas cylinders.

Beware of burglary. Never leave your home empty without any occupants. Not all occupants should leave the home for programmes; at least two matured adults should be in the house. Inform your neighbour anytime you are leaving the house/home and share your contact numbers with them. Call periodically to check the situation in the house/home. Do not leave only children in the house/home. Fortify weak doors and windows. Look out for suspicious characters in your community and report them to the police.

I know most people go out for parties and other events but please take your personal security serious. Avoid walking late in isolated places alone. When you attend any event and close late, better stay there and return the next day than risking driving or walking home alone in the night. Let your relatives, neighbours or confidants know your exact location you will be going to for easy tracing in case of need.

Again when you attend a party, especially the women know what you are eating or drinking. It is good to go out on a date but let your confidant be aware of where you are going and whom you are going with. It may sound weird but it good for your own safety. Avoid unnecessary “lift” by strange people. Also, avoid using the same route when driving and make good use of your driving mirrors to see who is following you. Alert your relatives or neighbours to open the gate for you anytime you are driving home. Always provide a good lighting system at your entrance and clear all bushes around your surroundings not to serve as a hiding place for criminals.

Anytime you are driving and you suspect any possible attack, drive to the nearest police checkpoint or public place and seek for assistance. Christmas is a memorable occasion. Let us have fun and celebrate well, be each brother’s keeper. Once again have a merry Christmas and see you in 2018. AFEHYIA PA OOOO.


Be Safe During This Festive Season

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