Membership Types

Membership shall be either individual or corporate.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is open to occupational health and safety, environmental professionals and professionals from allied fields. This includes SHE Managers, SHE Coordinators, SHE Consultants, Health and Safety Representatives, Hygienists, Radiation, Occupational Health Nurses, Fire Safety and Security etc. Individual membership in this Institute shall be divided into seven categories/classes of Student MemberAffiliate MemberTechnician MemberGraduate MemberChartered Member and Chartered Fellow and Honorary Member.

Student Membership

A student member shall include any person who is attending school with the intention to enter the Safety and allied Profession upon graduation. Student members are entitled to those benefits that the Executive Board shall designate.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate members shall constitute those who are engaged in the safety profession or a related field. Affiliate members may vote and/or hold office. Affiliate level is the starting point for all members apart from students.

Technician Member

To progress to Technician Member level, a member must have at least three years’ experience in a health and safety, environment or related role, as well as a recognized qualification to be defined by the executive Board.

Graduate Member

To progress to Graduate Member level, a member must have at least five years of experience in a health and safety or related role, as well as a recognized qualification to be defined by the executive Board.

Chartered Member

To progress to Chartered Member level, a member must have three years of experience as a Graduate member and also be in a health, safety and environment management or leadership positions for at least five years. In addition, all Chartered Members must pass knowledge and skills assessment and an oral interview.

Chartered Fellow

Fellowship of the Institute is awarded only to Chartered Members who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the health, safety and environmental profession. Our Fellows go ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty and are the ‘ambassadors’ of the Institute as determined by the executive board.

Honorary Members

Honorary members are conferred on those who have made a notable contribution in the field of health and safety, environment or to GhISEP or otherwise deserving of the honor and are so elected by the Executive Board. All past Presidents of the GhISEP shall automatically be made honorary members.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to any business, professional organization or scientific society pursuing the same or related purpose as the Institute. Corporate members are those organizations directly involved in occupational health and safety and environment and allied professions.