Membership Benefits

Be part of the HSE community in Ghana – get connected

Membership benefits include:

  •  Professional Development through regular meetings, seminars, and the opportunity to participate in GhISEP committee work.
  •  Networking and the opportunity to make contact with other people HSE professionals across the country.
  •  Keeping in touch with development in the industry.
  •  Seeking support from other Professionals and exchange information and ideas.
  •  Gaining access to products and services at beneficial rates, access to seminars, conferences and workshops at member rates.
  •  Joining or having access to GhISEP WhatsApp group platform.
  •  Joining a local chapter for networking activities and events.
  •  Access to a wide variety of HSE related data that will assist you in duties.

Free listing in the members Registry – list your name, address, and areas of specialization and when we are asked, we will recommend the closest member with the requested specialization.

Members have an opportunity to express leadership in HSE in a number of ways, through:

  •  Participation in chapter activities, on committees or helping organise or deliver events;
  •  Providing coaching and mentoring to upcoming practitioners and professionals
  •  Representing GhISEP on external committees associated with legislation, regulation and standards;
  •  Proposing and helping set up seminars and workshops networking that contribute to professional development.
  •  Creating and leading specialist networks, promoting peer to peer connections.
  •  Providing any specialist expertise you have to the GhISEP.
  •  Getting access to HSE Professional Certification

The GhISEP in line with its strategic objectives, will be introducing professional Certification for HSE professionals, which is just one part of a multi-faceted approach to advance the profession. Professional recognition through the use of letters after your name

Membership Certificate and Annual Membership Card.

Support from members if you are studying for a qualification in HSE (example Nebosh qualifications)

An opportunity for like-minded HSE professionals to gain a powerful voice, by weight of numbers and influence public and government direction on HSE in the promulgation of HSE regulations, and in developing new and innovative methods of ensuring workplace safety in Ghana.